Project Details

  • Developed over 4 weeks
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 5
  • Level Design
  • Blockout
  • Assets used:
    • IWALS by Jakub W 
    • Blocking Starter Pack


My goal was to create a playable level inspired by the Uncharted series

I aimed to capture the adventure and excitement synonymous with the Uncharted games by crafting exhilarating traversal sequences and intense pacing moments


 Creation of a player gym to test the different game mechanics.

 The player gym also serves as a platform for gathering essential metrics related to gameplay, including jump length, climbing ability, cover heights, the impact of falls ect...

At the start of most level creations, there is always have a research phase, where I gathers as many references as possible and reads as much as possible about the subject matter.

The research phase sets the groundwork for the blockout phase, providing inspiration and refining the vision for level design. This ensures alignment with the intended theme & intentions.


Level Flowchart

Map Overview

Pacing Graph

 Using a pacing graph provides a clear visual representation of the level's intensity. This helps me ensure that the player's experience is dynamic and engaging, with a balanced mix of intense action sequences, quieter moments for exploration or puzzle-solving, and strategic breaks to catch their breath.

By analyzing the pacing graph, I can identify potential pacing issues, adjust the placement of encounters and challenges, and fine-tune the overall flow of the level.

Level Design Techniques


The church tower acts as a prominent visual reference point, guiding players throughout the level and remaining visible from various points. 

Its significant size and distinctive appearance distinguish it from the surrounding landscape, aiding players in navigation while also signaling progress towards their objective.


Strategically framing the tower in the player's line of sight along a corridor ensures its visibility and prominence. 

This intentional placement guarantees that the view of the tower cannot be overlooked, making it impossible for the player to miss their objective.

Vantage Point

Position that provides a strategic advantage by offering a clear view of different routes and enemy positions

From this location, the player has the opportunity to strategize, assess the surroundings, and plan their approach accordingly. 

As well as having a view on the next objective. 

Gates & Valves

Hard gate to stop progress until specific conditions are met. 

Valve to prevent the player from backtracking

Both can be used as well for streaming opportunities.

Level Breakdown 

Tutorial area

The tutorial area serves as an introduction to the game, allowing the player to familiarize with the controls, mechanics, and metrics of the game.

Mountain traversal

The second area involves traversing the mountain, where the intensity is heightened

The player progresses towards the objective, facing increased challenges along the way.

Enemy Encounter

The third area introduces the first enemy encounter.

The player strategically begins this sequence from a vantage point, providing a clear view of various routes and enemy positions. From here, the player can strategize and choose their approach.

The lines of sight are deliberately restricted to maintain tension while exploring the area.  

The enemy closest to the player has its back turned, presenting an opportunity for an easy kill. This is designed to encourage the player to descend from their vantage point.


​The player can opt for a stealth approach, facilitated by the presence of various routes and flanking access.

New mechanic

To access the top of the bridge, the player first needs to find a way to reach the container. 

This simple challenge introduces the player to a new mechanic for reaching elevated areas.

Broken bridge traversal

In the next section, the player faces a traversal challenge across hanging wagons from a broken bridge.

This segment offers a brief respite from the intensity of the previous combat encounter, allowing the player to catch their breath and appreciate the change in pace before the next challenge arises

Scripted events

These events were crafted to introduce diversity into the climbing / traversal sections, effectively breaking the potential monotony

Additionally, they serve to enhance the pacing of the level, injecting excitement into the experience


Here, the player cannot proceed any further. The challenge is a puzzle. The player must figure out a way to navigate through the windows above.

The pacing is deliberately slower, allowing the player to focus on solving the puzzle.

To solve this puzzle, the player needs to make a crate fall and then use it as a platform to reach the window. This builds upon the crate mechanic introduced earlier.

Enemy Encounter

This area features another enemy encounter, divided into several elevated sections with numerous routes connecting them. 

There are various approaches the player can take to handle the enemies

Calm before the storm

Once the enemies are defeated, the player can freely explore the area for hidden treasure or proceed directly to obtain the artifact on the top of the roof.

Intensity decreases.


Obtaining the artifacts on the church roof triggers the enemies' return. Tension reaches its peak.

With too many enemies, fighting is futile. The player must escape the area through the same route they arrived

Guided escape

At peak tension, the player must escape.

I aimed to guide the player through this part of the level by strategically placing obstacles and pathways along the way, leading them to the final exit.