Project details

  • Level/Game Designer
  • 6-month school project 
  • Unreal Engine 4 
  • Team of 5 people


Phase 86 is a first-person shooter set in a dystopian future where the player must face corrupted robots while utilizing the phase mechanic to traverse and navigate through walls.  

Phase mechanic explanation 

  • The player can move within walls with a wireframe pattern.
  • The player can move within walls for a limited duration before needing to exit to catch their breath.
  • Moving within walls increases the player's velocity, which begins to decrease once the player exits the walls.
  • Slow motion is proportional to the player's velocity; the higher the player's velocity, the more powerful the slow motion is.
  • The player reloads their ammunition while inside walls.

Main Hall

As the player enters from the right side of the screen, the staircase is the first thing visible, inviting the player to ascend to a closed door.

The central elevator door is crucial, leading to the end of the level. The player need to find a way to unlock it.

Restricted Access  

Door on the right is inaccessible, floor has collapsed.

Unreachable Objective ?

Objective is behind this door, but how can it be accessed?

Phasing Mechanic

The player uses their phasing mechanic to traverse through walls and access a previously unreachable area.

Machine Room 

The player must reach the back of the room by jumping from platform to platform.

Death From Above

The player takes advantage of the slow-motion from exiting the walls to eliminate enemies below.

Safety Net

If the player falls, they can obviously ascend again using these platforms.

A New Area 

Once the player reaches the back of the room, a console allows them to open a series of doors.

The player backtracks, the right door in the main hall is now open.

Hallways and Stairs 

The purpose of this section of the level is to disorient the player regarding the location of the main hall, which serves as the exit of the level through the elevator door.

To achieve this, the player navigates through corridors and stairs along the "X, Y, Z" axes.


A series of battles also await the player to challenge them and deeper disorient them regarding the location of the main hall.



The player enters a room leading to the main hall.

A console allows for the elevator to be opened.

The player has backtracks their steps without realizing it and can then finish the level.

Map Overview