My goal was to create an outpost from the franchise Far Cry. As well as understanding the 360 Approach for Open World Mission Design 

Project Details

Engine: Far Cry Arcade Editor


This project is made using Farcry Arcade Editor.

Initially, I had to grasp the workings of the tool and its limitations. These include constraints like only having one player spawn point and managing memory budget, in elements such as AI, animations, painted textures, and placed assets ect...  

Before I started any work in the editor, I did some preparation work gathering references from real-world locations and the game itself to capture the essence and identity of the game.

Outpost explained

Outposts are mainstays of the Far Cry series. They're strongholds held by the enemy that the player must liberate by neutralizing all opposition within the locationOutposts are usually completed in 5 minutes. An outpost is usually about 8 enemies and 2 alarm systems.

Alarms can be disabled by interacting with them, so even if an enemy does try to set one off it won't work. However, if the alarm is successfully triggered, reinforcements will be called, adding an additional challenge for the player to overcome.

Alarms are triggered if the player is spotted by an enemy, gunfire or explosions are heard, or if an enemy detects a dead body or a destroyed alarm

Design Overview

Outposts are designed with a 360-degree approach, divided into three areas

Approach Area: A transition area from the Open world to the outpost. This is a safe area for planning and observation, providing intel on enemy patrols and environmental hazards. with vantage points and stealth entrances.

First Challenge Area: This zone represents the first level of challenge within the outpost. It introduces players to initial enemy encounters and obstacles, preparing them for the more significant challenges ahead. 

Main Challenge Area: The heart of the outpost, the red zone presents the main challenge area.  Here, players confront the stronghold's toughest defenses. Alarms are strategically placed within this zone, adding an additional layer of difficulty.

Vantage Points 

These areas offer an advantageous viewpoints of the outpost, allowing players to scout enemy patrols, locate key objectives, and plan their infiltration tactics.

Each vantage point offers a distinct perspective, strategically positioned around the outpost to facilitate a comprehensive 360-degree approach within the open-world setting.  

Enemy Types and Placement


In this level, various types of enemies are present.

Heavy and Elite adversaries stand guard at the main entrance and the central area of the outpost, particularly where the alarms are situated, constituting the main challenge zone.

However, within the orange-marked area, players encounter the basic enemies, gradually escalating the challenge as they progress further into the outpost.

Strategic Stealth Entrances

There are four different stealth entrances available in the level, strategically positioned around the outpost to ensure a 360-degree approach

Each entrance is unique and relatively easy to spot.

Free kill

If the player opts for a stealth entrance, they will quickly come across an easily defeatable enemy ​​within the orange-marked area.

(See above Enemy Types and Placement - Basic Enemy​)

Main Challenge Area

Finally, the central area serves as the focal point for all challenges, with heavy and elite enemies patrolling and two alarms that could call for reinforcements

Morever, this is where other ingredients, such as explosive barrels are mainly situated.


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